How much correction is enough

When teaching more complex structures in class, such as conditionals and time clauses, creative work becomes a great tool to build students’ confidence in the language and encourage them to use their own ideas to contextualize TL yet as a free practice. I have always liked to let them create […]


Exploiting student’s curiosity

One of the things I regret from my CELTA training was the vision one of my trainers had about how a teacher interacts or not with their students. Sadly, she stated that a teacher should never make friends with a student, not to mention adding them to social media profiles […]


Quiet classroom, simple solutions

Language classrooms, specially ESL ones, should be noisy, not in the sense of a distracting noise, but a communicative environment. However, the question is how we can make it loud because students are speaking and using the TL and not because they are just making senseless noise. One of the […]

A balanced lesson

Developing a balanced lesson is not always as easy as we teachers would like it to be, especially when we look forward to improve certain areas some students need to improve or simply clarify. However, there are small steps we can take to include all four skills into a lesson […]


Developing Critical Thinking

Whether in a given subject classroom or in an ESL classroom, critical thinking is a powerful tool for students to start getting knowledge, developing comprehension of a subject, applying learnt concepts and analyzing situations in life. However, when it comes to the ESL classroom, it is sometimes difficult to develop […]

The closer the better

During the time I have been an ESL teacher, I have developed close bonding not only with my students but also with their parents since I have always been oriented to giving an excellent customer service. For me, students and their parents are one unique entity, the firsts because they […]


Lesson Plan or no Lesson Plan

OK, let’s face it: Writing Lesson Plans is not the most appealing activity in the world of teaching, but it is necessary and quite useful, too. It gives teachers a clear view of a lesson, aspects to develop and improve in time and an effective use of classroom time. Even […]