Personal experience

The end of the road, the begining of life

This year I had the opportunity to have my first complete group of students finishing their General English and TOEFL Training program after three years of hard work and practice. And you know what? I’m so proud of them!
Twelve different individuals and souls to whom I have devoted my time and effort to make them the best they can be as persons, all in English, all focused on leaving this classroom and go to University with the best tools they can have: English, passion, politeness and a broad understanding of American and British culture and manners. Some of them have already left, some will leave soon and a couple won’t, but they will have all the learning process with them, so yes, I’m happy and satisfied seeing their evolution and development not only in the language but also in life.
And now it’s the end of the road in this learning process which is going to be completed when they face their new life immersed in English, studying and living in the language, having more learning and success in their new lives and studies. Hopefully, in a few years, I will have the opportunity of being a memory that gave them some impulse to reach the final goal and I will surely feel amazed and proud of the job I’ve done these years.
One chapter ends, another starts, also for me. New students will come and will finish and I will continue giving my best to help them being the best!