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The closer the better

During the time I have been an ESL teacher, I have developed close bonding not only with my students but also with their parents since I have always been oriented to giving an excellent customer service. For me, students and their parents are one unique entity, the firsts because they are the ones I work with and the seconds because they are the ones I work for. Consequently, I have come to creating a long lasting partnership in which parents are a key ingredient for several reasons.

Firstly, families are partners in education simply because they want the best for their children and so, most of them consider the teacher is an expert that will provide the best education and service possible. For this reason, frequent communication is a must when it comes to fulfilling parents ‘expectations and It doesn’t matter how, it’s a good ideas to look for a way to be constantly in touch with both students and parents to help building trust and respect for you and your job as well as appreciation and interest in the learning process. Also, it becomes a great source to seek for details because the more you know about your students, the better you can help them acquire the language, and the best way to do so is asking he parents for aspects you don’t know about their children.

Secondly, parents would like to encourage their children in the learning process but sometimes they don’t know how to do it so give them tools to help their children as best as they can However, give simple and effective ways they can maintain learning follow-up at home, giving more power to the parents and encouraging them as well as students to support you in the learning process by suggesting new ways of implementing routines at home that involve language use in context.

Finally, powerful tools to keeping parents happy and confident and students engaged in their learning process also become simple and effective ways to give some value added to your services, all in one packet. Communicate with and encourage parents to participate with you outside the classroom and your students will have the best will to continue learning.

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