Preparing for CELTA

After deciding to follow a vocation I didn’t know I had but I have proved to be good at, I have recently decided to go for an International Certification, CELTA. For me, the reasons leading to this decision are quite obvious: I have five year experience as a full time ESL trainer but I have had very little training on my skills, and since I work on my own, I have no supervision and no backup on my experience.

Most of my development as a teacher has come from within, from what feels good and has proven to be effective for my students to acquire skills in the four main areas a language demands for its use. Of course I have read material related to the subject, researched on-line for experiences from other teachers and gotten involved in workshops, seminars and other useful tools. However, working on my own leaves me wondering if I have done the right things and if I can do better; not to mention I have no recommendations, evaluations or references to support my expertise.

Consequently, I have already enrolled for the CELTA and I have to say I was pretty amazed with the demanding steps I had to take to be accepted, which were not as tough as I expected. First, I took an online grammar test that was not as a common test but more like a deep revision of knowledge. Secondly, I had to write a proposal explaining my reasons for taking the course and the reasons for them to accept me. Lastly, I had an on-line interview with one of the tutors who rechecked all the previous steps and, I guess, checked my English level.

So, now I am waiting for the day to come. With a demanding schedule and probably no time left for anything else, I expect to test myself on everything I have naturally developed by myself and, of course, learn all the things they will probably teach me to become a better teacher with an International Certification that proves I am a good ESL trainer.

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