My Students

The end of the road, the begining of life

This year I had the opportunity to have my first complete group of students finishing their General English and TOEFL Training program after three years of hard work and practice. And you know what? I’m so proud of them! Twelve different individuals and souls to whom I have devoted my […]


Exploiting student’s curiosity

One of the things I regret from my CELTA training was the vision one of my trainers had about how a teacher interacts or not with their students. Sadly, she stated that a teacher should never make friends with a student, not to mention adding them to social media profiles […]


Great teachers

Ever since I started teaching, I have been thinking of those things that make a teacher good, and the ones that give a value added and make them great. Not that I look forward to being one by pushing myself to it, but then again, I would like to make […]


My first TOEFL group

Even though I took my first steps on teaching independently with TOEFL-IELTS training, I did it with individual classes on a one-to-one basis. I had never had the chance to work with a group other than General English courses, so having the opportunity to start training and preparing a group […]

Growing up

Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Growing up Published by ANDY on 30/09/2013 Not so long ago I started teaching individual TOEFL-IELTS lessons for teenagers who were looking forward to apply for international scholarships in American universities and by doing so, I started a long satisfying journey I never imagined could become the […]

The closer the better

During the time I have been an ESL teacher, I have developed close bonding not only with my students but also with their parents since I have always been oriented to giving an excellent customer service. For me, students and their parents are one unique entity, the firsts because they […]


I Love Teaching

When I decided to study Modern Languages, my dream was to work as a Translator and, during my time at university, I slowly shifted to Customer Service and Marketing as potential fields for my future career. I sincerely never thought of or considered working as a teacher. But life has […]