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I Love Teaching

luv-teaching-buttonWhen I decided to study Modern Languages, my dream was to work as a Translator and, during my time at university, I slowly shifted to Customer Service and Marketing as potential fields for my future career. I sincerely never thought of or considered working as a teacher. But life has its own mysterious ways of showing what is meant to be for your life according to your hidden talents and natural skills. At least my life has shown me this is like this because I never imagined one day I could be the teacher I am today.
My first experience in a classroom came along with many difficult situations in life but also with great training and working environment. Thus, I had to do it and since I studied at a university where excellence is a must, I learnt it to nothing else but good, but by doing so, I proved I was better. In time, I left the job, but continued teaching at university with a couple of hours at Journalism Writing and Composition and after a couple of years I found myself trying to decide what to do.
At that moment I was convinced I didn’t want to go back to an office with a boss. Yes, I hate having a boss! And again, life gave me the opportunity of teaching and I haven’t stopped since. My first years went by with individual TOEFL-IELTS training programs and, eventually, I started taking small groups of four to six students and I began to savor the feeling of success when I saw my students improving and using the language, passing a sufficiency test with outstanding grades and leaving to American universities. Additionally, parents continually pointed out how well their children interacted in English contexts during vacation trips and more recently moving and starting classes within the American educational system.
I also have to admit that in spite of the sad feeling I get when students finish or leave the courses, I feel a tremendous emotion when I see them after a while or after years graduating from university, travelling and using the language or starting a new job in an English context. For me it is still customer service because I know I contributed to improving someone’s life for better, so after all, I am working on my dream job, just because I flew with the currents of my life. And I love Teaching English!

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