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Growing up

Growing up

Published by ANDY on 30/09/2013

Not so long ago I started teaching individual TOEFL-IELTS lessons for teenagers who were looking forward to apply for international scholarships in American universities and by doing so, I started a long satisfying journey I never imagined could become the small business I have today. And day after day I realize not only my students learn but I also grow up with and because of them, taking new chances on my life and the service I give as an ESL trainer.

Most recently, I took a chance to start teaching small groups of four students, applying new ways of teaching and discovering endless opportunities of improving my skills through techniques I only knew in a small scale. Thus, one thing led to another, facing me with a problem of space in my classroom and leading me to enlarging and improving my classroom and my clients list.

Today, I’m preparing to start a new school year with the ideal the ideal number of students per class, a new program and better activities and topics to encourage my students’ learning process. I’m still amazed how far I have come and how managing more people will give me the chance to connect to new families and new worlds and the great opportunity I have to keep on working in a big way, giving my best to help my students succeed in their language acquisition process.

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