Doing CELTA was absolutely superb! I have to recognize there was a point I thought I would die, I completely collapsed and ended up with a panic attack, literally, in the middle of a class, but it was, as I said, magnificent! I spent a month meeting new people, learning new things, bonding with temporary students, proving my teaching skills and having a great time.

On the other hand, afternoon sessions gave us the opportunity to apply all our talent and newly acquired skills in our own classroom, following a syllabus appropriate to the level and working as a solid team that cared about one another, supporting every aspect of the feedback sessions and ways to improve our teaching by just paying attention to the others. Moreover, the groups of students were fantastic, always eager to participate, learn and improve, equally in and out of the classroom, and I have to thank both my fellow teachers and my students whom I hope will become beloved friends as they have so far done.

Lastly, I have come to the conclusion I collapsed simply because I was being reborn as a teacher disassembling all the talent and previous knowledge I had and assembling it back in a brand new way. Furthermore, during my assessment, I reassured things I was not very aware of such as the capacity I have to completely change from the person I am to the teacher I am, and the absolute power and will I have to work in a team and take care of others. These were my strongest points according to my tutors and I completely love having them.

Doing CELTA was absolutely superb and today I am a better teacher and a better person just because I relearnt all the things I had already found out by myself, those thing that make me a good ESL trainer, now, Internationally Certified.

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