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About me

Teaching English as a Second Language came to me by accident more than 10 years ago, but after I realized I was good at it, I’ve never stopped. The truth is I studied Modern Languages, but I decided to pursue a Business Degree in order to start working as a translator, which I finally did. However, teaching got on my way as an option I coulnd’t refuse to try and many colleages at the time told me I was really good at it, thing that I honestly didn’t beleive at all.

Despite my insecurity about this career, I constantly noticed my instinct to lead students to effective learning and accurate use of the language was good. Moreover, I have to say the moment I completely started teaching as my definite career, I did it the big way because it wasn’t as a general language course. I was for TOEFL and IELTS training, which by the time I knew very little about, but the students got good grades in their tests.

So, after five years following my gut and studying all by myself, I started participating in groups and organisations where teachers shared their experiences and held workshops to imporve teaching skills. Then I decided to go for an International qualification, the CELTA, and there I finally convinced myself I was made for this job. And here I am, sharing my teaching thoughts, experience and, once in a while, the knowledge and love my students give me.